Monday, November 06, 2006

Why Doctrine and Theology Matter

Theologians are having a bit of a rough time these days. Seems no one wants to buy 4-volume sets on Systematic Theology (Though V.1 is really good). A little light coffee table reading anyone? The Christian community seems less and less interested in theology, doctrine, or deeply studying the Bible.

Last night I did a quick informal poll of my small group. I asked them to rate, 1-10, their understanding of the content and message of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians. They all laughed and wondered if they could answer less than 1. It's not that they are not sincere and dedicated - they definitely are. But they find themselves in a community and a culture that really just hears the basic gospel presentation and then thinks that's all it needs to understand.

Romans and Galatians "saved my life". The clear teaching on Justification by Faith refuted the traditional legalism I was brought up in. The more I studied Hebrews, Daniel and Leviticus the less I found I could believe our traditional Investigative Judgment and Sanctuary teaching. Doctrine mattered.

Review this page for some other insights on why Doctrine Matters. When we are unclear of what the truth is, we may fall for something like this (but see this - note: I believe that these "manifestations" and people are just like my friends in my former New Age/Occult life).

When someone comes and tells you that the Bible has more to teach and that you must believe (fill in the blank), will you be able to defend from Scripture and refute it?

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