Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ug. Not good. Christian leader charged with immorality

I was just browsing the news wires before heading off to bed and saw this one. Haggard is charged with a gay affair for the past 3 years. If true it is devastating, if false it is...devastating. If true it is another example of do as I say, not as I do... If false it's just evil. (Here is on it, and Fox)

Obviously I have no way of knowing, but to me it seems a bit fishy. Election year does seem to bring out the bizarre, especially where politics and immorality meet. I highly doubt the charge personally. We'll follow it so see if that is just wishful thinking on my part.

I was very impressed with how the church will handle it. A prearranged procedure kicks in that starts with the Haggard stepping aside while the independent board investigates. They have full authority to take action based on what they find. That really does help preserve credibility for the church and for Evangelicals in general.

Update Friday:
  • Some indiscretions? "Forgive us this day our indiscretions..." Hmmm.
  • Voice expert takes a look, er....listen
  • Oh, that meth. Uh, ya, well I bought meth. Oh ya, and I remember when I said I didn't know him, well, I bought some meth from him. Bah. I don't believe this guy any more. He said he didn't know the guy. Now he says he knows the guy because he was referred to him by a hotel for a massage. Which hotel? Can't say for sure. But what the **** would a Christian leader need a massage from a gay prostitute in a hotel? Does anyone not believe that he didn't have sex and didn't actually use the meth? Pass the coolaid please.

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