Sunday, November 05, 2006

Darwinism vs. Genesis

Watching Ted Haggard's response regarding Evolution got me thinking. Pastors are generally not trained to do apologetics from a Scientific perspective. They may read a book or two, take a class in Seminary and feel they are armed.

There are good resources available to help understand some of the issues. A few books include "The Creation Hypothesis", "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" and "Darwin on Trial". A neat list of scientists who do not consider Evolution a decided theory/fact are listed at Dissent from Darwin. This site can help stay up-to-date on the subject.

Evolution is not a decided fact; on the one hand there are people who boldly declare it universally accepted; they have a political and ideological motive and only want kids taught "science" in class. But it is far from universal, and many scientists just don't buy evolution. There is too much evidence of intelligent design to have simple chance and natural selection generate our diversity and complexity. There are, however, strong feelings on both sides, and patience is a virtue.

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