Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Lordship" debate

Interesting discussion over on Pyromaniacs on Lordship/no-lordship debate, complete with humor.

The problem with growing up in Adventism is that we had our own theological topics and catch-words and often were not aware of the debates and terminology that other churches were entwined in. Even though my Systematic Theology reviewed the major theological schools of thought throughout history, there is much modern and postmodern thought that we missed simply because it did not concern the present issues in Adventism. If some school of thought provided a challenge to an Adventist position we, as budding theologs, were made aware; otherwise we simply didn't hear about it.

Here is John MacArthur summarizing Lordship, and his summary of no-lordship. I tend to agree with MacArthur when comparing these two. I've never been a "once-save-always-saved" type of person; though I confess "once-saved-pretty-darn-hard-to-be-lost".

Personally: Salvation without Christ as Lord is still to live under the Law and outside of Grace. Taking care with terms I would say, True assurance and the life of faith/grace is only present in those who have been crucified with Christ and resurrected into newness of life in Him. (cf Gal. 2:20) Mere mumbling of words and verbal expressions of belief only make grandmothers happy and affect no change in the life of the fallen human.

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