Saturday, June 13, 2009 is

I really don't pay attention to the SDA question anymore, as should be obvious by my silence. I just finally got tired of the ranting and endless debate on unsolvable questions. It's like arguing about what color Unicorns are, or what their favorite foods are.

It seems that the site "Ellen White Exposed" has changed its domain name from to I'm sure the Ellen White foundation badgered them until they simply decided to change the name.

I'm going through the site and auditing the links. If there is a dead link or an incorrect one, drop me a note or simply comment on the blog posting and I'll fix it. Also, if I've made any factual errors - or if you simply disagree with my conclusions :) let me know too. If you post with your true identity I'll probably publish the comment; if anonymous I'll just fix the error.