Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't get stopped in Utah

Some would say, avoid the state, but Utah is a beautiful area. But this video that's floating around the blog'spere is fairly enraging. A young guy with his pregnant wife are pulled over and he winds up tazered and arrested. IMHO the cop is way out of line. But as most of us know, you just don't argue with cops. They have badges and guns, and way too much power. Polite and contrite is best. Amazingly enough, it appears that this guy still has his job.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Homeopathy - sounds like sociopathy

I stumbled on an excellent article in a blog post on homeopathy and its dangers. I recommend a read-in-full. It so reflects my feelings as I've listened to the dribble that passes for science among many I encounter here in Bible Belt Land. For some reason the home schoolers in this area demonstrate a strange kinship with the homeopathic industry. I'm constantly presented with "suggestions" for everything from Blake's stuttering to flu. I try to retain an open mind, yet my more skeptical nature constantly kicks in at many of the suggested remedies.

The most recent suggestion (from his teacher) was that my son may be ADD and should get a battery of tests to determine if he is suffering from an allergic reaction to environmental toxins. While I'm sure that there are environmental toxins that we react to and know for a fact that many of us react badly to them, is this the cause for his lack of interest in Math? Sure he's distracted and won't focus on homework, but is this caused by an allergic reaction? Could be. Maybe he just doesn't like math. Or there could be a need to diagnose the reason medically. But if the doctor were to confirm that he's ADD and prescribe Ritalin (I'm not a fan of, btw - but it does have its place), I can even now hear the crescendo of protests at the medical establishment wanting to "drug my child".

Too much like the health advice I encountered growing up SDA...