Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love "thinking" people...

...especially those whose thinking is warped. Take for example this video of an elderly orthodox Iraqi Muslim who, based on the Qua ran has concluded that the Earth is flat and the Sun is smaller than the Earth. His authoritative source of knowledge doesn't teach it so he rejects it - in fact he rejects modern Science wholesale since it is contrary to his holy book.

Then these southern lovelies who have decided who to vote for by comparing their fitness against the Bible (well, their own interpretation of the Bible). The funny thing is to see this woman pastor pontificating about Bush not following Scripture when there are those who would slam her for daring to step into the pulpit or a leadership role.

It really is frightening and somewhat discouraging to discover how some people process information and come to conclusions. The idea that people can formulate a position from rumor and personal perceptions with no effort or ability to verify and process truth is disappointing. But what is even stranger is that these people vilify and demonize those who actually do practice good thinking processes and come to different conclusions.

I really feel sad for the young girl - she has no idea what she's talking about. She's just parroting the same attitudes that she's surrounded by. Very sad.