Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Planet Earth" and Global Warming

I'm very excited about the new Discovery Channel series entitled Planet Earth (page is very "heavy".) It promises to bring images from unreachable parts of the Earth (for most of us) right into our living rooms. What kills me, however, is the spot that they just showed on Friday's Oprah. It was a segment on the polar bears filled with global warming statements both in the video and from Oprah.

I'll be very disappointed if they turn the show into a political platform, especially for bad science. If you watched the video from the previous posting, or have done your own research and seen the evidence of weather patterns over the past several 100,000 years: truly we've had an impact on our environment, but it pales compared to the impact the Sun has had on this planet.

Ice core samples taken from Antarctica and from the NGRIP & GISP2 in Greenland have provided many insights into the weather trends, especially since the last ice age.

Personally I hope that the show simply shows the reality we live among rather than be used as a soapbox. On the other hand, I'll be sitting front and center - and controlling the remote to be sure :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Global Warming?

While I believe that we Americans are silly in our dependence on foreign oil, and that we are way too dependent upon our individual automobiles for our daily commutes, I also find the current "debate" about "global warming" much too sensational and biased.

Here are a couple of balancing statements shedding some light to the other side.

Update: Meh - both the videos have been removed.
BBC Video, NYTimes

Friday, March 02, 2007

Debt Elimination Scams

Legal ways to wipe out debt without paying for it? Don't believe it. Even if true, it would be wrong. See my writeup in my Biz blog.