Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In the mood for more boycotts?

I'm not really big on Christian "faith-based" boycotts. Boycotts do work, yes, but stuff like when SBC boycotted Disneyworld fell flat.

But, if you're in the mood to boycott but just haven't found a good list, how about the Scientologists listed in this Tom Cruise wedding article? The "church" is getting bolder and the recent negative press doesn't seem to deter the likes of Mr. Risky Business. So let's see: Leah Remini, Kirstie Alley (but would you have to boycott JennyCraig?), Jenna Elfman, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Priscilla and Lisa Presley. In my book it would also include Earthlink since founder Sky Dayton is one too (lots of reasons to stay away from them) . Scientology likes to buddy up to famous people to imply that the "church" is the source of their success.

See Lermanet, Operation Clambake and the Boston Legal Scientology video clip from my sects page. Or the leading authority, South Park.

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