Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prophecy Discovery Seminary

Oh Goodie! I finally got mine in the mail. Did you get yours? I waited all year for it. No, not this year's Sears catalog, but my prophecy seminar handbill. Hello? The 1950's just called and they want their dramatic Daniel/Revelation pictures back. Sorry BJ, love you dearly, but have you guys not learned anything from visiting Northpoint or Willow Creek? (Sarcasm meter just pegged 120%) I know it makes the saints glow with pride to see this mailed out like the leaves of Autumn, but really now.

There is so much I could say, but it's an issue of perspective. If I say that the brochure is cleverly crafted to attract the naive I'd sound elitist maybe? If I say that when it declares "An Interdenominational Event" that this is just deceptive dribble, then I'd sound accusatory. What they really mean is that they want all denominations to attend so they can tell you your church is part of fallen Babylon and God is calling you out to join the saints in the Adventist church -- God's true church and remnant. Ya ya...

Oh, and when they say "The bible only will be our textbook" they mean that they'll say lots of stuff that you'll never find in the Bible, but we'll fly through a series of proof texts so fast you'll never be able to follow and hope that at least the message overall will stick. No really...that's what happens...really.

My wife and I are here shaking our heads. She says "they haven't learned". I think they have - they've learned that only the sensational will work when their theology is contrary to sound New Testament teaching. But this is a blog...and not a dissertation... Maybe I'll drop by and see if they ask, "Anyone have any questions?" Hmmm...

Update: My wife points out that nowhere on the brochure and on the website FAQ does it mention that the Seventh-day Adventists are the ones holding it. Check out #7, for example in the FAQ. What the heck! At least the Mormon's end their TV commercials identifying themselves.

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