Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Forget that...the real sin of Adventism is...

While I myself did not agree with many of the fundamental teachings of Adventism, I found the dissenters more objectionable. Much of what they focused on was trivial misunderstandings. They seemed to howl over whether or not the dead are conscious when clearly we have just no idea. I don’t even care. I know that after I die the next thing I will see is my savior. If it happens after I’ve fed a few thousand worms or happens when my “soul” rises to heaven, what do I care? I do wonder, however, how I can enjoy myself in heaven after I die when all my memories are decaying in my body…but that’s food for another thought…or worm…

The tone on many of the websites is bombastic and sensational. This often kept me from reading what they had to say, and meant that I was left to dig up my own evidence or to continue to only hear the side of the Adventist theologians. Though the National Enquirer may from time to time have serious news, because of the general sensationalism it is dismissed as more hoax than news.

The real issue in discussing Adventism is what they have done with Jesus Christ and His Eternal Gospel. Paul said that if anyone – even someone who claims to be a prophet – preaches a different Gospel that person was accursed. That church is accursed. The issue is Jesus. The issue is faith. The issue is peace, assurance, and power.

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Tim Shields said...

You hit the nail on the head!

Adventists present such a wide array of official and non-official beliefs that even they cannot agree on what it takes to be saved.

The beauty of the New Covenant is its simplicity.

New Christians experience tremendous joy when they experience God's grace. They realize that God loved them enough to relentlessly pursue a relationship with them. This same joy is experienced by former SDA's who finally understand that the New Covenant strips away all extraneous requirements, leaving the pure gospel of God's boundless grace and love.

Ramone said...

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for writing this!! I hope you don't mind, but I posted it on the FAF forum here.

My name is Ramone Romero, I'm a former Adventist living in Osaka, Japan, with my wife (also a former). I hop on the forum once in awhile as "agapetos". If you want to see any of my blogs, click my profile & scroll to the bottom.

Thanks again for writing this and holding up what's truly important, what is truly on God's heart as we love & pray for those who are held captive from seeing the greatest thing of all, His Son.