Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Giant Movie

Wow! What a movie. We went to see Facing the Giants yesterday and I was moved and impressed. The story is tremendous and for being a low budget film it was very well done. We all have giants to face from time to time – some of us have giants that seem to hang around for years. The story is of a coach and a team that finally gets their priorities straight and works for the glory of God rather than for their own selfish reasons, and the not only experience spiritual renewal, but win the state championship. They learn to face up to their giants of fear, self-doubt and a past of average seasons. And, appropriately, they must face the best team in the league in the championships, the undefeated Giants.

This is a must-see movie; it is inspirational and has a message for everyone. Here is the church’s website and here is Yahoo movie page.

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