Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book Review

Every once in awhile I stumble into a book that no one has recommended and I've never heard of, but that is incredible. What's funny is in the past I'll read a book, loved it, and started telling people about it only to have them all agree that the book is great. Guess I missed the memo about the book that everyone else was already enjoying.

This one is incredible: Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul. I almost don't want to say anything but, "read it" it's that good. I'm only on the second chapter and it's straight to my heart, and I love his writing style:

Is it possible that Eden had no boundaries? Certainly there was no command to just hang around the tree [of knowledge of good and evil]. Why didn't Adam take some wood, build a raft, sweep Eve off her feed, and say, "Baby, this is the love boat and we're going on a cruise"? Is it possible that Adam and Eve fell into the same trap that we have -- a view that freedom is to go and experience all that which God has forbidden rather than to fully experience all that God created for our pleasure?
See what I mean? And: "While we strive to fill ourselves and remain empty, Jesus emptied Himself and lived fully."

If I revealed the many observations and points that he has made in just the first couple of chapters that went straight to my heart in conviction, you may seriously wonder about me - if a person is convicted by the simpliest of observations we may be tempted to think less and to think that they are not "mature" (whatever that means). But in fact, I feel that all of us are wandering around this world not living one 1,000,000th of what God plans for us or wishes for us, and mostly due to our lack of understanding and discipline, and our desperate avoidance to submit to the One who can create in us and for us a paradise on Earth and to make us actually useful to His cause and those who also desperately desire for more meaning and direction in life.

I'll follow up on this book as I progress through it, but definately I would recommend it.
John Ortberg
did which is why I bought it. So if you feel "hey, who the heck are you that I'd buy on your recommendation?", well no one. But Ortberg, John Maxwell, and Sheila Walsh all like it, so go on: give it a read.

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