Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hebrews 9 Articles

A few years ago I sat down to study Hebrews 9 in order to understand for myself what it really said. As is often the case, as I discussed what I was finding with people they wanted more details. I wrote this series of articles, but have never finished them. Here are the first5 in PDF format. Soon I will finish the series.

Hebrews 9 is one of the pivotal passages for Adventists. It is part of how they attempt to sustain their doctrine that Christ entered the holy place - first sanctuary apartment - in heaven, but in 1844 moved into the Most Holy Place to begin the antitypical Day of Atonement ministry and the pre-advent judgment. I know: if you are not an Adventist you just recoiled and said "What!?"...ya... In conjunction with an interpretation of Daniel 8:14, Daniel 7 and an application of Leviticus 16 they teach that in 1844 Christ began the second phase of his heavenly ministry.

The Adventist sanctuary doctrine is an extra-Biblical teaching that only with great feats of theological footwork and mental conditioning is established from Scripture. Rather I should say, it can not be established, but that's all academic... Here are the first articles:
  1. Overall Context of Hebrews 9
  2. Theme and Context of Hebrews 9 – part 2
  3. Structure of Hebrews 9 and Surrounding Context
  4. Message and Content of Hebrews 9
  5. What is the Old Covenant?
Also, here is a web-article on how SDA's seem to focus on the shadow and not on the reality in Christ.

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