Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pandora Broken on my OS X?

Pandora is one of those site and applications that runs pretty much anytime I'm awake. I have been running it from my MacBook Pro; this morning I tried to launch it and the site is dead to me. The frame of the Pandora site is up and Flash is loaded but the "movie" is not running. Looks like something on my Mac is hosed and Flash or Pandora is misbehaving.

I upgraded my Flash and Air, but Pandora still is dead. I even tried the typical reboots, clear cache, logged out of Pandora One and back in - nothing seems to work. All the 3rd party Pandora applications also do not work.

Strange thing, it is broken for both the Safari and Firefox 3.5 browsers, so it appears to be a Flash issue. At this point I'm finding nothing about it at all and no way to troubleshoot it. Sux.


Update: I found the direct link from the Pandora site to their desktop application that is written on top of Adobe AIR. That downloaded and runs just fine. I had intended to install it anyway since it runs outside a browser.

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