Friday, August 07, 2009

AT&T Follies part 2

Well, after talking to Customer Service two days ago I discovered that calling the AT&T 800 number simply connected me to a person who knew less than I did and had less access to information than even me. They couldn't see my transaction, could not see that my phone had been sent back, and had no way to verify that I had been sent any email. They could see nothing that the store did. Sort of makes sense; sort of.

They promised to have the store resolve this and call me by yesterday 8pm. They didn't (as expected). Today I get a nice call from Monica who's job it is to be pleasant and grandmotherly to angry people like me. We vent, they apologize, they call their manager they call back and say "Good news, I've gotten your credit expedited. It will be credited by the 14th". What? This is the 7th. Wow - by then the 30 day automatic credit for the returned phone would have almost kicked in. Thanks for nothing.

This is truly ridiculous. Apple has so messed up their stores that you have to stand in lines outside the store just to talk to a "specialist" to buy, well, it seems, anything now. I guess I could go stand in line for my iPhone replacement and then wait forever while they provision it. I was hoping that the AT&T store would be able to perform the task quicker. Silly me.

What's really stupid is that no one at AT&T seems to really want to sell me an F'ing iPhone. Do they really hate Apple that much? In all these conversations no one has said, "Congratulations - just stop by the store and they'll give you your new iPhone that you've already paid for." Instead they seem to want to give me my money back...eventually, after waiting for a really long, long time. Like one of my co-workers just mused, sounds like they just don't want you as a customer.

Sounds like it.
Update 8/7: Just got a text from AT&T saying my issue is "resolved". As yet, I'm not sure what this means. No credit processed and visible on my online bank. We'll see what's there tomorrow.

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