Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Samsung Galaxy 2 WiFi

I picked up a Galaxy 2 to play with. Partially I wanted to see how Samsung's iPad knockoff performed, and partially because I want a real Android device to explore development with.

So far I like it - not an iPad by far, but not bad either. The biggest issue that I've experienced so far is the horrible performance of the WiFi radio. One floor above my newish Apple Time Capsule router and I'm hardly registering signal. Compare this to every other computer from iPads, Mac laptops, iPhones and HP laptops - all of these get sufficient signal even at the far reaches of my property and two floors above.

This device came with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (aka, 4.0). I'm going to try to upgrade it to Jelly Bean (4.1) though this might be a little more difficult than had I bought the Nexus. It's an 8 GB device, but there's only 4 left after the Samsung bloatware footprint.

Those who know me know that I'm a borderline Apple Fanboy. I've not bought the new iPhone 5 though unfortunately I did upgrade to my phone and iPad iOS 6 (I hate the maps, but overall like it on my new iPad). So why fool around with Android? Because it's fun. Because I suspect that corporate users will ultimately be more comfortable with it over being tied to Apple, who they might feel is too much of a consumer company.

So, we'll see how this goes - but so far, I really like the little Galaxy 2.

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