Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hacking Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0

I mean leave the stock Samsung kernel? pfft! Where's the fun in that? Besides, I want to get Android 4.1.1 on this puppy.

  • Odin - Samsung Flashing Application
  • ClockworkMod - ClockworkMod directions
  • I downloaded the "P3113 -" one
  • Follow the steps in the ClockworkMod directions
  • CyanogenMod 10 - directions
  • I downloaded the Google apps and nightly build for P3113
  • Copied zips to the internal card on the tablet. I just put them in the root.
  • Booted into recovery and flashed CM10 zip - love the confirmation screen!
  • Did a wipe, reboot
Let me say, this community is great. There is a ton of work going on and good creativity. This is one thing that is seriously missing from the iOS community - different target, I know. But there is more of an adventurer/hobbyist feel to this one.

The upgrade went smoothly and it all appears to work as it should. I don't care for the default keyboard - the Samsung one was a little nicer. I also expected the device to tell me it had 8GB but still reports only 4 - Samsung must have absconded with the other 4. But I have a 16 GB external card so storage should be sufficient.
Are you really, really sure?

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