Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seriously: Did The Onion invent Scientology?

Just admit it: The Onion invented Scientology. They simply had to. Every time I hear something about Scientology it seems so bizarre, so brazenly stupid that I expect to see the "ONN" logo in the corner indicating that it's another masterful piece of Onion reporting.

It's not, of course - but it could be.

Take the story of the actor Larry Anderson, who served as the cult's introductory spokesman for years, offering credibility to the credulous. He's left the cult and is asking for a refund of the money that he prepaid for services not yet rendered. They've refused, of course, since he won't agree to go crawl under a rock somewhere and not speak badly about the cult.

While that story is silly enough - it's the link from that article page off of to his introductory video that just had me alternating between bursts of laughter and spasms of rage. I've included the four YouTube segments for your viewing pleasure below.

Tell me if you don't find the statements that Larry (or rather the brainwaster - I mean brainwasher who wrote the script, that is) so brazen, transparent, and obvious. Seeds of paranoia are sown, the government is out to get is and to control you, bla bla bla. Yes, we are a religion - the IRS says so and dozens of court cases say so - yes, we can be trusted cause we say so, etc. It is a propaganda piece designed to poison minds who are ill-prepared. It's sickening, really, and just amazing that it continues to remain a viable corporate entity with tax-free status as a church. Despicable.

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