Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On EllenWhite.org and other "contra" sites

Recently the question came up: "Why if I disagree with ellenwhite.org and some of the other sites do I repeat what they write and link to them?" Me, disagree with them? Naw. Though I may disagree with some minor point or conclusion on "those" sites - the same can be said of any site. My main concern with them has been one of tone and presentation. (My previous blog posting) When people come to a website that is poorly formatted and presents the content in a disorderly and "bombastic" way, the style and presentation can tend to fan the flames of prejudice. There is a great wall to break through when one is trapped into a closed and warped system of belief. I do wish that ex-sda.com could reformat their site. I applaud the work that Dirk has done on ellenwhite.org, and Dale Ratzlaf's new site redesign is awesome.

I highly recommend that you browse and study the content on ellenwhite.org ellenwhiteexposed.com, www.lifeassuranceministries.com, and ex-sda.com and other sites. Look to see if those things are true. We have nothing to fear by viewing true facts, and through prayerful and careful scrutiny, errors are exposed and the truth emerges. But, maybe this is just what Adventist leaders and apologists fear most...


Anonymous said...

It is awful that the Church of Seventh-day Adventists refuses to be upfront about its dubious origins (as part of an advent movement that wrongly assumed the second coming of Christ would occur in 1844 AD -- then wrongly claimed that Christ entered the Most Holy of holies in that year instead of a much earlier year such as 33 AD).

Equally important, it ought to reconsider its position on Ellen G. White. After examining some of her old books (which have not been recently re-issued at all), I have to acknowledge that Ellen White was a blatant plagiarist. And that truth alone began to liberate my mind from the cultish clutches of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Indeed, the numerous web sites dedicated to spreading the truth about Ellen White's human failings (hypocrisy included) are doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in debunking the various half-lies that the Seventh-day Adventist Church shamelessly embraces.

EllenWhite.org and other web sites lead the charge against the multiple iniquities of the spiritually lukewarm Church of Seventh-day Adventists.

If not for such brave and humble persons who continue to conduct rather extensive and thorough research on the so-called spirit of prophecy (as well as the so-called remnant church itself), many more people would be deceived by those slick con artists who have the utmost audacity to call themselves Seventh-day Adventists.

Frank said...

Lets keep our eyes on Jesus and not condem the servents he chooses.
It seems to me that Ellen gave her life to Jesus. Was she human and not divine YES! Did she make mistakes DON"T YOU? Lets not be so judgemental. Ellen started a Church that now has 10 million members that follow Jesus. Are they perfect nope. Are they sinners looking for Jesus. I believe so. After you convert 10 million then we can talk. Peace.

Curtis Forrester said...

@Frank: while I agree that it's better to maintain an attitude of charity there is ample evidence contrary to your claim of her divine commission. Note, she did not start the SDA church - it evolved out of the Millerite movement, which is rife with excesses and extremely bad theology and logic.

Ellen White never converted anyone - even if one accepts your idea that she was god-sent you would need to say that the Holy Spirit converted, not her. Check your numbers too; there have been far more than 10 million SDA's over the years. That number, however, is meaningless. First, it pales compared to the billions of Catholics, yet Adventists regularly criticize Catholic errors and excesses. Error is error regardless of subscription rates.

Finally, your reactionary spirit aside, it is crucial to examine all truth-claims. Your same words are used by Mormon and Jehoviah Witness defenders. This applies to politics, to global warming, and to religious ideas. It is incumbent on Adventists to substantiate their claims and to answer questions about their errors.