Friday, December 22, 2006

New Chaplain for Southern Adventist University

This post will only be meaningful to Adventists, but is about exciting news. I'm not sure if it is officially public yet so I'm going to speak with a bit of vagueness. Libby was just speaking with a friend who's going to be the new Southern chaplain, replacing the irreplaceable Ken Rogers. This is truly a case of the Incomparable following the Unsurpassed.

This new chaplain has a wonderfully cheerful and enthusiastic personality, is both intelligent and creative, plays the fiddle and loves Jesus very much.

Oh, and even though he's a friend he's not in any way theologically aligned with my theological protests of Adventism. Yet he has a wonderful understanding of grace and of the cross.

Congratulations! I'm thrilled: Southern is lucky and Gordon Bietz and company have made a great choice.


Gordon Bietz said...

Glad to hear of your affirmation of our new chaplain, Brendon Kirsten. I am sure he will do a great job - though like you say - Ken Rogers is not replaceable.
Look me up when you are in Collegedale sometime.

Forrester Footnotes said...

Hi Gordon. Libby and I also met the associate chaplain last time we were up there. Very nice guy. You've got a really good team and we were also very impressed with the new offices. Keep up the great work!