Friday, May 01, 2009

OMG - H1N1 Flu just a state of mind?

So I was over at The Loom catching up on my blogs after an exhausting week. Carl freaked out over this article. Thought I (naively) - "How bad could it be?" After all, often peeps tend to hyperventilate over stuff they simply don't agree with. This is no such case.

There are, occasionally, articles that border on the criminal. This is such a case. That there could be a person who reads that article and decides not to take any precaution other than filling her mind with positive thoughts just seems inconceivable (to borrow from Princess Bride). Fortunately there is little danger, at least at this point, of wide-spread exposure to a dangerous flu strain. It appears currently to be a somewhat annoying but fairly harmless strain of flu - at least when compared to other flu strains. Yet, this could change. And this [censored myself] person is spreading lies.

Lies. Then there is the kooky. Drug cartels? We're talking about flu here, Marianne. Yes, the cartels are dangerous too but their airborne virus's usually come out of the point of a gun and are generally aimed at specific hosts. ...oh my...

Can we try to "pray" people like this away? Or may I modify her #2 point? Can we just send her to Mexico?

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