Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Laws of physics

Laws of physics in action outside my office. It's not a great picture - iPhone drive by, but it looks like yet again two cars decided to test the laws of physics and enjoyed the resulting collision. On the far side there were two cars, one onto the curb. Not sure if the two collided or if one ran the other out, but it looked like someone got hurt. People are 'tards at this intersection. First they get desperate to get thru it at any cost, and second they always assume that a person is turning if they are coming from one of the sides. Whenever I go straight I simply drive through the intersection laying on my horn.

Update: There seems to be a bad accident at that intersection every couple of weeks. Peeps are retarded there. Just this week there was a 3-car physics experiment with one up in a flower bed and another in the center median (I guess that's a redundancy...).

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